Thursday, 17 July 2008

Moock against Adobe

So, this is the famous article of Moock from InsideRIA, let´s see what StevenSacks says.

Now Moocks says there´re things wrong in Adobe CS3: Right! Me and many said that a lot of time before and Adobe-believers attacked all of us. We were just thinking in designers, not in RIAS. But they allways justified it in one way or another.

I can´t hear many people now criticising Moock. So, who is wrong? Adobe or Moock? Moock is a programmer and can change his point of view, specially if he has to sell books. Adobe can make some things wrong. It is not so hard to admit it. You don´t need to know a lot about marketing to know that Flash CS3 and Flex was a good operation for RIA market. Now CS4 comes so as designers can design better. Designer: The one who designs, programmer: The one who programmes. So what´s this? A bit conservative vision of the workflow. Isn´t it?

Things usually are not black or white, they are usually grey...
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