Sunday, 27 July 2008

Expo Zaragoza 2008

Although I live in Madrid since the last three years, I spent the weekeend in my hometown, Zaragoza, visiting the Expo Zaragoza 2008, International Expo "Water and Sustainable Development".

It was a very nice experience, lots of pavillions from differente countries, activities, multimedia experiences, deep thoughts about water in the world. If you happen to come to Spain until September 14th, I strongly recommend you to visit Zaragoza and the Expo.

Moreover, my personal recommendations for this event: This weekend Expo passed the visitor 2 million so you´d better visit it from monday to thursday. The first thing you should do is taking the fast-pass to any of the more visited pavillions. There are over 90 pavillions, If you like multimedia I recommend you Japan, Germany, Morocco, Lithuania, Arag√≥n and Spain. More related to design is the pavillion about thirst and the one of cities of water. Besides if you like adventure don´t forget to go to Extreme Waters pavillion.

There are also exhibitions, I show three: El hombre vertiente, El despertar de la serpiente and Iceberg.

Some videos in the Expo:



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