Tuesday, 15 July 2008

DoubleYou against Joakim Borgstrom

So: Everypeople here are talking about DoubleYou as a chatterbox in Spain. I have decided to make my own investigation. Where is the success of a company? In the people or in the talent of a person? This is my question right now!

First of all, you can read references about him in InteractivaDigital, latinspots, InspiraciĆ³n, Offf2005, DoubleYou Festivals, DoubleYou Interviews, ElMundo, Anuncios or even Microsoft. He is member of IADAS and moved to Wieden & Kenedy.

See below some works of Wieden & Kennedy from Japan:

After reading all this info about Borgstrom and his works with DoubleYou, what can I say? Probably time will say which percentage of success comes from Borgstrom.
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