Monday, 14 July 2008

Best Flash websites

As I am making some research on this (see Actionscript mythical webs III or II or I) and I found a post of Rob talking about the best flash sites ever, I had decided to make some noise here.

First of all I must say that Rob´s list is out of place. There are many sites from before year 2000 and he doesn´t take into account programming, just design (I see some webs there in 800x600).

So, if you wanna know which are the best flash sites ever, gotoAndPlay: Taschen, FWA, Designflavr, perhaps Ebizmba, take a look at the blog bestFlashWebsites, or see on your right my list of Portfolios and Studios, or go to flashprayer, Adobe, Wordpress, webDesignStuff or Flash99good, SmashingMagazine ,FlashDen or FreelanceSwitch. Am I right?
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