Thursday, 26 June 2008

Julius Wiedemann, Guidelines for online success

I was wondering how to title this post. First I thought about "Julius Wiedemann" only but after a while I decided to post it together with his last publication.

I come up with this fantastic book called Guidelines for Online Success, from Taschen and together with Rob Ford. As you can check here, there´s a flip about the book, you can even zoom the first fifty pages of the book. This book is all about websites, specially fantastic ones. I can say I almost know a 75% of the websites appearing in the book, probably you will also if you like web surfing.

So I decide to investigate a lot about the man I consider one of the best websurfers of the web, Julius Viedemann, probably together with Einsmann. You can see all publications from Viedermann here, hard-work! I rode the cheaper ones (6.95€) and recommend them to you if you didn´t know them. You can read a review about them here and other about Guidelines for Online Success here.

I surfed a while an found an interview with Julius here. So he is a brazilian who studied design and marketing (nice, only missed programming!) and what I like most of him is that he always gets the best from websites, very positive in his comments.
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