Sunday, 22 June 2008

Contemporary Graphic Design

Last times I think this blog was taking a wrong direction. Too much about programming and less about design. And as I said when I created the blog a year and a half ago, this is exactly in the line between Design and Programming. Interaction is where I feel comfortable and where I wanna be.

So, you will see a little move on contents, getting nearer to Interaction Design again. Related to this, as a present from my birthday, good friends made me a gift, it was the book Contemporary Graphic Design from Taschen. You can read also critics from Gráfica Coletiva, Design Related, ComoLaNadaMisma and Balladora.

What else shall I say about it? Well, as a difference from other similar books, this one has lots of explanations about design and designers. Usually you only see works and that´s all. This is better. I like knowing how a campaign was launched, why the designer made things in that way, what he was looking at, etc. Moreover, I think in Design as a velocity runner, so you have to be aware of what´s on every time. In my opinion this book makes it, there are many people I didn´t know and they´re quite fine and stylish!

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