Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Adobe things-to-do list

Hereby is my sincere and humild opinion about some sad topics about Adobe. I am tired of hearing all people saying how fantastic Adobe is. Ok, Adobe is good, but they still have to improve. These are some things they should improve in the future:

1- Flash Editor: Let me laugh about it! Editor de Flash. I even heard that it is not a priority for the Flash team. Oh my God! What is then? Papervision?

2- Changes in the names of the software programs: Obviously this is responding to a good markeging planification. Previosly Apollo then Air...

3- Removing some useful software and keeping on others useless. Freehand: Removed! Image Ready: Removed! Have you tried to make a .GIF in Flash? Oh my God again! Do you know Adobe Output Designer?

4- Removing Actionscript methods useful for designers. There is not answer about this: LoadMovie is removed, and as this, much more. Now, they would say that the proccess is better now, blah blah blah. Come on: They used one line for loadMovie and now they have to use three or more. Say whatever: This a mistake!

5- This is one of the biggest, perhaps because of its predominance along the time. It is keeping on those users manuals, .pdfs, Help of programs and so on... Come on, they have no point at all. They are made by programmers or designers, they should make more attention about this.

Do you have anymore?
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