Sunday, 22 June 2008

Actionscript Mythical Webs III: Studios I

Usually lots of designers get inspiration from thefwa, ok, that´s good. But there are more places, some of them the ones you see below. These are the best studios, every designer and even programmer would like to work here.

They published a book about their works here, where they say: "The London-based design studio Hi-ReS! (Handsome information – Radical ent-ertainment Systems!) was founded by Alexandra Jugovic and Florian Schmitt in 1999. Over the last years, Hi-ReS! has established itself as one of the leading studios worldwide in the realization and implementation of sophisticated interactive commercial projects... The strength of Hi-ReS! lies not only in its masterful linear storytelling, but also in its creation of sensual interactive experiences that pair an artistic, tongue-in-cheek approach with strong marketing sensibilities. As the work in this book with DVD shows, it’s a combination that allows the studio to meet client goals while remaining true to the pioneering spirit of the online world."

They play with video, although I don´t like much Goldfrapp, brilliant works such as DolceGabbana, Beck, Papervision with Hidefhigh, uniqlo, the japanese trade mark (although not so good as uniqlo try)

They are no afraid of using white backgrounds, good animations as in Gettheglass, toys to play in Brio, future and lot about cars as Toyota. The work I lik more is the experience web of Fjallbrynt. I think they also made VodafoneJourney

They are japanese. I like the use of colours, all is clean, soft, so as in Yorisuki or Haunted Hotel. Specially I like Desktop collection (down right), another experience web stylish, relaxing, peacefull, all right brother?
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