Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Thinking about designers coding

From my point of view sometimes programmers are not as respectful as they should be with the work of designers. I am talking very seriously at this point. Sometimes I hear despective comments even in distribution lists or forums, usually complainning about the workflow or whatsoever.

Some days ago I was talking to a Creative Director and we wondered what is going to happen with designers who used to code with the new versions of Actionscript. Specially due to the reason that the learning curve of Actionscript 3.0 is not the same of Actionscript 2.0, mainly because that designer who used to programm in AS2 some things, now has to learn also OOP. So the jump is not so easy.

I used to be a designer and migrated to programming by the Actionscript way. And to be frank, I don´t have the answer to the question I mentioned. Probably we can have some with next version of Flash (CS4) and perhaps with Thermo. On the while you should take a look to the link below. This application is called Wix, it is a beta but you can easily ask for a license. It is a interface which generates a .swf just with drag&drop and customizing.

Ok, it is not Flash but I think something like this could be a good opportunity for designers. More, why Adobe does not make something similar? Because it is made by programmers? I don´t know but they should. Definately!
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