Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The prophets of the web

After surfing and smiling while making some loops via UT Loop, I think it is time I talk about "The prophets of the web".

In UTLoop, which must be french, there is a predominant elemen in the user experience while navigating. Now that it is time you hear lots of bigmouths talking about web 2.0, the future of the web, RIAS, Papervision, vídeo, etc, etc, we are talking here about sound.

First thing is the web nowadays, as we see it. Secondly there are a lot of tendences that can be together, thirdly is what will happen in the future. And that, is rather difficult to say, even for a cool-hunter. Moreover cos it is depending on many variables, one of the tecnology. I shall say tecnology is not all, there is also ethics, progress...

What will happen to web? Yes, you probably know it. And perhaps you know it. You have deep thoughts about it and have even a business plan. You can analise the tendence and know the way things will take turn. Yes, you are a prophet of the web!!!
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