Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Papervision: Fashion or victim?

This question is not mine, alghough it could be. It comes from one of the creators of Charlie and the factory of shit banners (banners collection).

But don´t miss out of the title. Papervision, fashion or future? Tendence or technology? fashion or victim? I´m really tired of this, as much as you should be one year before of hearing about web 2.0 and all that stuff. This is the same, yes, we all like In an absolut World, Tag Galaxy, Five 3D, Away 3D, Papervision, Sandy, Spectra, VaryWell, etc etc.

Do you really think this is gonna be the internet tendence? Come on, don´t make me laugh!
Cubes are nice, ok, but I dare say nobody is talking about it in one year time, same thing that happened to SecondLife, unless you are a prophet of the web.

So now is coming Flashplayer 10 with things related to 3D. Ok, that´s fantastic! Good for them! I do not understand why they don´t make that out of the fascinating BitMapData class, much better and nicer than those cubes moving.

Is it technology that wants to make a tendence? That was made with the invention of the mouse and the windows. If I want to say wow I will see PerceptivePixel or surface . 3D is ok, if you want to be the first perhaps you´re late (well, not for the whole mass), but you will see more and more websites looking the same (same as Flex).

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