Monday, 26 May 2008

Interaction Design

Back in our way, away from Papervision prophets I come up with Interaction Design. I have found Jon Kolko, I think he is a member of IDXA (Interaction Design Association). I strongly recommend you to have a look at that site, if you didn´t know it before.

So, far from programming we are talking here about concepts, and concepts should be before any programming, creativity or whatsoever. Jon Kolko publishes via web a book called Thoughts on Interaction Design. I think you should have a look at it also. He is talking about Interactive Design from a conceptual point of view. I like the way he sees designers, but these ones should be specialised in interaction, something not very common, at least here in Spain.

It has good examples and talks about very interesting things such as Prototyping, scenarios, the emotion-technology binomial, the process of interaction, concept maps and these so fascinating things for those who have used the mind maps of Tony Buzan and similar things.

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