Tuesday, 20 May 2008

AS3 or Freelance´s run

I´m living here in Spain something related to the Actionscript job market. Something we use to talk in this blog as here.

This is my theory: Adobe launches Actionscript 3 and there´s a big break between flash users. Many designers can´t make the jump to Actionscript 3 programming or they just don´t wanna do it because it is too far from what they wanna do (just web design).

On the other hand there are many Java or analog programmers migrating to Actionscript, or just using it besides their programming mother tongue, but from a much more technological view, using server side moreover Flex.

So there´s the hole, the job of creative-programmer or programmer with a designer background or devigner or whatsoelse you want to call it, grows up in the market, it is demanded in such a way that there are not people enough to cover the market. Wages go up and many freelance programmers (with a design background) gather with companies of media and technology. Or they just make their owns companies, who knows? I have seen this many times in Madrid, and I have lived it. This is the Freelances´ run. I don´t know exactly if I can talk about this as a global fact.

Before, it was cheaper to contract freelance. Now perhaps they are so qualified that it is better to contract one of them, you control him better and don´t have to go on that way of subcontracting...

How long? Perhaps until there is the total implantation of AS3 or until the new Flash CS4 version, until Thermo... Who knows...
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