Monday, 26 May 2008

Actionscript mythical webs II

Let´s talk about the Actionscript introduction of video in the web!

Comming from telecommunications in first place there used to be the Vodafone Journey website, yet on line. This was an amazing event in the introduction of video formats and cue points for the actionscript community. Made by North Kingdom, one of my favourite studios with hi-res, but we´ll talk about studios other day.

Apart from the friendly blonde girl, called Lucy, we can watch almost a movie in this site. I think this website was fascinating at its launch, and still is! Don´t know why video hasn´t been on the road lastly! But this was really a big point from Flash. You can move around the timeline although some more interaction is missing, isn´t it?

Another video flash site I like and was at least curious is the one from IKEA, so: what´s happening there? Is it a movieclip? Timeline? Video integrated? How do they do it to move from one side or another? Lots of questions about this websites. Actually they have used something very similar in the last launch of anothe IKEA section. In this one you feel like in an elevator. Check it out and answer please: How did they make it?

First example: Some years ago, 2006:

Second example: Just now (elevator experience):

Both done by IKEA Systems, cannot say more about it.
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