Friday, 16 May 2008

Actionscript mythical webs I

There´s a job related to the internet I have not done yet. I think it is due to the fact that I haven´t seen it in the news, just only for once. It is called "web surfer" and is hardly related to design and programming. Beetween a coolhunter and a web analyst.

There´re lots of people making something similar with CSS, HTML and all that stuff, but not with Flash or Actionscript webs.

For all this I am gonna make a new section talking about some flash websites which have been mythical for all flashers and perhaps for web in general. I´m not gonna say anything new, it´s all in my link list.

The first two selected make reference to the impact of flash programmers in the web. First is son Mjau-Mjau, related to Ultrashock , second Ecotonoha from Yugop. Both were very relevant to the interactive web community.

Where do I wanna go? I´m just talking about something related to workflow:
Creative-Designer-Writter-Back programmer- Front programmer
Now let´s make a chance! How does an actionscript programmer make a website? I´m sure y0u are not thinking about usability or screens. If you think about MVC, data models or so, then you are deeply a plentifull programmer.

I think in boxes and how the boxes will move. I´m not talking about Flex, it is just interactivity, and I dare say I know how things move in a flash website so I have there my point when planning a web.
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