Monday, 31 March 2008

Nice day at Air Tour Madrid

We had today the release of the OnAirTour here in Madrid.

The ambient was excellent. Doors opened at 9:15 with a fantastic breakfast. We had first the key-note by Enrique Duvos, well you can check all the agenda here.

Apart from the Gurus or Flash-Flex-evangelists (depends on the religion ;-]), there was a lot of people known, at least referring to people working on IT on Madrid: People working for iMaste, Carlos Rovira, others from Telecommunications (Panel, SHS Polar), Media (Refr3sh, Wysiwyg, Genetsis Partners), Consulting (CapGemini, etc). So, many people who is currently developing applications with Flash, Flex, HTML, Javascript or Air.

So the ambient there was quite nice. We had wifi all the time, there was gaming area, and a continuous lunchtime area. I had the oportunity to talk with Ryan Stewart about the Air Tour. All the sessions were nice also, specially the introduction of Serge Jespers, telling us the spanish he can talk.

I hope they make the same for Thermo presentation.
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