Monday, 10 March 2008

How to be a Devigner, 5 Commandments

So what are the most important skills of a devigner?

1. You love Design and have experience about it, offline (logos, illustration, brochures) and online (websites, flyers, newsletters, banners)
2. You are good at Developement (Flash, After Effects, Flex, Air, Dreamweaver, XML, some server side)
3. You are informed (blogs, feeds, agregators) and bet for formation
4. You like Experimental (can spend a lot of time doing something just for fun)
5. You are Creative, you have insights, eurekas and lots of projects.

We could talk about the Magical Binomial: Imagination + Technology.

Probably you also like Multimedia, you like Video (Premiere, Motion, Avid) and Sound (Logic, soundbooth, other), technology (mobile phones) and marketing, but these ones I think they are not the essence of a devigner
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