Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Einsmann´s blog, another Devigner

Following with the term Devigner:

This is not a links´ farm as you know. Actually, I´m quite dissapointed about sites as Artegami, TheError, EjeZeta or ArtesVisuales (at least in the spanish version of MXNA) because the only thing they do is collecting links and links so that we click on their AdSense. Oh my God! What do they want? No comment...

In fact I like exploring websites as a hole. I came across yesterday with the blog of Einsmann,
where I spent about one hour surfing.

This surfman is truely a "devigner". He is working for the sowaited Thermo. But the thing that calls my attention most from his blogsite is how prolific he can be (about more than 20 posts in one month) and not precisely as the trash link farms I mentioned before.

I liked very much the tipographic galeries of Flickr, Nago, the interview with Yugop Nakamura, the designers´ rules, the ten comandments about usability (taken from SmashingMagazine, so called website here as FreelanceSwitch), the webTrendMap2008 and portfolios as WeAreAka and ISO50

This kind of people shoud be in charge of Adobe Design Centre for example.
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