Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Actionscript Feeds, what do you read?

Anyone of us, working with Flash, Actionscript, Flex or Air, have to be informed about new technologies continuously. I wonder which Feed aggregator do you use.

I usually take a round in MXNA . I couldn´t talk about any other aggregator firstly. I think it has to be updated. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to load, it indexes late or has errors. You can see MXNA has his Macromedia name still. In its favour I will say it is the one that has more blogs aggregated, with statistics and cathegories.

PLANET RIA is more near RIAS, as InsideRIA does, although I tend to see O´reilly blogs very serious, they should not be a book. Specialized in Flex: Flex RIA

FULLASAGOOG Perhaps the best one, more technical, I would say more relevant Actionscript bloggers are here. Actually we´re seeing each day more posts about mobile, Air and Flex than before. Great notice! Not too much about Design. Bad notice!

Feed Squirreel and FlashBookmarks, I think this last one is the best for reading. You don´t let the website, it should have more feeds, more blogs and statistics to be perfect.

MyFeedz, from Adobe, a curious experiment, do any of you use it? I don´t.
Take a look to Adobe RSSo Feeds, and to ZDNet

Some aggregators others use: Google Reader, RSSReader, Simple-RSS, FeedReader, BlogLines, Netvibes, it is not the same but keep and eye on Adobe DelIcio Links and Actionscript ones.

So: Do you mind having a lot of windows opened? O don´t, but I´d rather seeing everything in one window and if possible faster, with the original design, is a question of opinion...
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