Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Dexigner > Burton > hp > LogoWorks

This is the way the www works. Follow the links! I just don´t know how did I travelled this way, I think I followed some link from Dexigner until I reached to the website of Burton. Interesting, they say a bit more about trademarks than others do. You can try being a designer here.

After a while I clicked down below: What do you have to say (hp)? Y followed some links till I got some sylish Powerpoint templates for those who want to be designers.

I followed Ariadna´s way until the end. I always want to know where things come frome. So from Dexigner I went to Burton, from Burton to hp. What´s at the end of the chain?
LogoWorks, they must have some kind of agreement with hp. Here you can see prices. Who is there? I venture to say there are some poor designers hard working, building an infinite image library. So boring a job!

Happy new year!
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