Tuesday, 30 October 2007

When Graphic Artists Get Bored

Programming, programming and programming. Will this be our case?

ArtFutura vs. Animadrid

I was yesterday in the proyections of Animadrid. Adjustmente was the one I liked more, but to say the truth I was really more impressioned on saturday.

Saturday I went to LaCasaEncendida, to the festival ArtFutura. I liked it verty much, although they have some problems with timetables... As I see, the proyections continue today, this is the link of the programation. On saturday I saw many things made with Flash, things as Codehunters and so on.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Adobe Developer Connection

This is a new RIA from Adobe Developer Centre

I have just had a look to it and think the main purpose is to do contacts (or die!) I had seen before this kind of application used in congress so as to locate people for business. Here you can do the same for busines or just to meet someone. But in this case you don´t have the position of the others by GPS (I haven´t tried it on an iPhone yet!) but from the similar skils you have.

These skills are divided in four groups:

- Professional Focus/Background
- Adobe Technologies
- Other Technical skills
- Personality

After you have completed all the register process the application puts you on the middle and locates similar profiles depending on your skills.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Some Design Newsletters I read

Here I show you some Newsletters I use to have on my mail every month.

First one is Dexigner, I spend almost 30 minutes revising all info and links.

Second place for Index Book. I am sorry it´s only in Spanish ;-)

I also read TheCoolHunter, although I see it mor related to housing.
This one is TotalTraining, more related to technology and how to use it.

I also have some from Photo world, this one is from SXC.

Related to books, I have some, here you see Gustavo Gili, very nice one.

In ReleaseTheFreaks you will find lots of info connected with design and toys.

Last week I received this one from DesignCanChange to vote for PeopleDesignsAward.

I also have the ones from HowMagazine.

The WebbyAwards one.

And finally from Adobe I receive AdobeEdgeNewsletter, AdobeSystemsNewsletter and AdobeSeminarNewsletter. There are some more I think.