Saturday, 30 June 2007

Google in Madrid Europe Pride 2007

I have just come from Madrid Europride 2007 and I recognise I have been really surprised for watching there a Google caravan. You had the possibility of connecting your mobile via bluetooth so as to download Google maps for your mobile.

Friday, 29 June 2007

Apple iPhone Guided Tour

I am so sad that I am european! I want this right now!!! Oh my God!! I cannot wait!!!

Monday, 11 June 2007

SWFAddress against Google Analitycs

I have just had several problems with the use of SWFAddress and Google Analitycs.

First of all, Communicating Flash with JavaScript I realized we were making it the wrong way, using getURL instead of the class ExternalInterface. We had in the browser the url of the second JavaScript command so we changed to ExternalInterface with no problem.

Secondly, our team had to change all the navigation of the application so as to use SWFAddress. Sincerely, I did not like this decision at all. Why are we using Flash? Why do we still have to develope websites for people over 50? Is it because they have the money and the power?

Besides, with the use of SWFAddress and following Google Analitycs instructions we realized we were having every tag twice as Google counts the browser urls. We are still experimenting with this.

Moreover, we were using a dinamyc preload, once every XML was loaded we turned boolean variables into true so that after all XMLs were loaded and every item positioned on the stage we stopped the preload. And we did use this everytime we wanted. With SWFAddress we have the preload again and again. Obviously we will change this, but, I still have this question in my mind:

SWFAddress? What For?