Thursday, 31 May 2007

Microsoft Surface: "The machine"

This is what I call "The Machine": Microsoft Surface. Near IPhone and other competitors this is a simple touch machine... Really cool! I had posted about Jeff Han and Perceptive Pixel in my spanish blog. I wonder how much they have to do with Microsoft Surface.

It looks like Minority Report or Matrix Revolutions but I don´t feel like using it for designing or developing.

The site is developed in Flash. Get more info there: Microsof Surface

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Adobe Releases: AdobeMagazine, Adobe Exchange, Adobe Penetration

I have just received an email with the new releases of Adobe

In first place the relaunching of Adobe Magazine. Mmmmmmmmm, I´m rather pesimistic about this old-relaunched project, specially cos they´re using PDF tecnology. Oh my God! What are you doing? Remember you have the patent of Flash!!! This could be done better, in fact, even if you have a broad band connection you have to wait until the pages gets loaded.

I think Adobe Magazine is developed by Plazm. I haven´t heard of these people before.

Secondly, Adobe Exchange. I remember I had a look last week and just saw some files from year 2004 or so. Happily it´s been updated. I see this as some kind of GNU developement. Don´t you?

Lastly, I want to talk about something that makes me laugh. It is the penetration statistics of Adobe Flash Player. Although I try to promote Flash every place, I find many people here in Spain without the plugin installed, even in big companies related to tecnology. Once we solve IE problem using the SWFObject we have to talk to administrators who can only install Flashplayer (oh my God!)

Anyway, I made some investigation of this stats. In Europe these stats are only related to UK, Germany and France. I have a question for Adobe: What about Spain, Portugal, Greece or the eastern europe countries? I wrote Adobe asking about this but I´m afraid I can´t use anymore these stats...

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Freehand loosers...

I'm laughing a lot with the last comments about Freehand in MXNA, nothin new, we all knew about it, in fach I had posted about it in my spanish blog.

Why do people choose one or othe design software? Two reasons: The first is the popularity of the software, the second the easibility for you. Now that Freehand is died as you know and Adobe confirmed yesterday. You can read the posts of John Nack "Freehand won´t update, moving to Illustrator", or Marco Casario´s "Freehand died". Adobe itself has promoted a migration guide to Illustrator.

Is there any other way? In the rest of the world it seems to be no problem, but here in Spain I dare to say the 80% of designers use/used Freehand even it hasn´t been updated in years. Well, we the spanish are not stupid, so we can use also CorelDraw or Illustrator.

What do I wanna say with this. Is Spain a looser country? Definitely no! I tend to think prints have influenced a lot in this question. Illustrator seemed something very modern and they used to have CorelDraw, specially for its good relationship with Autodesk, as I can check when I work for hp. We all now about printing problems of Autodesk, or perhaps license problems...

So, althought Adobe wants to digg Freehand, I think it has still a lot of work here in Spain. We will make as the Cubans with the american cars!

In my opinion I will keep on using CorelDraw even knowing I have to make those jumps CorelDraw-Illustrator-Flash, too romantic!

Flash CS3, Managing Workspace

I am just enjoying my Adobe Flash Trial version and these are my first discoveries about it

One of the things that has called more my attention in the new release of Adobe Flash CS3 is the workspace layout.

Actually you can set up the configuration of the panels in any of these different ways:

- Default
- Icons and text default
- Icons only default
- Personalized

Besides I am really happy about the history panel! One more thing, now you can have the help panel in the same one as the Actions one.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Google Analytics in Flash

I have just realized about the new features of Google Analytics. At least here in Spain.

It has the same structure as before but with a higher data income, including Flash graphics.
I am specially surprised about this, specially cos I hadn´t seen Google using Flash many times.

In this version, you can fix your aims, generate informs, etc. And if you don´t like it you can get back to the original view

I don´t know what will think about this the people from Netratings ...

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Ideafixa Surrealism

Just take a look to Ideafixa and the great works on the last issue.

I can´t say how much time does it takes one of this works. I like them althought the page flip fails from time to time. Anyway, great job to compile all these works in this brazilian magazine!