Monday, 3 December 2007

Who watches the Watchmen?

In one year time aprox I venture everypeople will talk about this. I have just read again Watchmen. I hadn´t done it in 15 years or more. What can I say? I used to like more 'V of Vendetta' but I think this one is definetely better. If you hadn´t read it you should do. Joined with Dark Night (Frank Miller - Batman) I think these are the best graphic novels of history.

I have found some interested information about the comic here, and some about the film here. If it is as good as Sin City I am in the countdown to go and see it.

Why is it so successfull? I have some answers: antiheroes, narrations in first person, eighties and cold war, flash-backs, graphism... Well, can you answer me a question: Which is the character you like more? and why?
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