Wednesday, 7 November 2007

What about Google PageRank?

These days I have read a lot of post about Google Page Rank, more in the american sites.

I tend to think we have just had another GoogleDance, the period where websites pageranks are upgraded. In fact in my spanish blog I have reached PR6, and in the englis version PR5 (I had PR0).

For me is not something specially exciting cos I am not blogging for money.

But, why PR6? I have made some web surfing about it. I think there are some possible causes:
- This is a Blogger blog, indexed by Google, although I know some google blogs with PR1
- I am sindicated in MXNA
- I have agregated my url in Google, Yahoo and MSN
- I have agregated my url in Dmoz and Technorati
- the number of pages linking here.

Anyway, these is just chatting, this is only just pure mathematics, in MiPageRank you can see details about the algorithm, also in wikipedia, Google, or in the blog of MichaelMüller, where he talks about changing it for Orion.

There are many amusing sites about this, as miWebRank, where you can generate tags to show your PR

Mi WebRank

Also in PageRankTraking, where you can customize the PR Draw.


Actually if you are interested in statistics I would use besides Alexa, webSiteGrader, Nielsen and GoogleAnalitycs.
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