Monday, 5 November 2007

Speak Up, Trochut, Vasava, FFFFound y MarlenAgency

I dunno if this was the correct order but this tittle is just describing my trip along the internet this evening.By Speak-Up, dialog on design, I visited FFFFound, another way of finding images, and good ones! Later I reached Alex Trochut. I always had wondered who was the designer of this draws of Budweiser. Ok, he was! I took a look at his portfolio, sometimes he uses the same technick but I like.
I had some investigation on this and discovered that this work (Budweiser) was made for Vasava, the spanish Design Studio. So I went to Vasava and found the Nike Campaign which I liked very much, although I would have painted the shoes in red. I wonder how much work of Vasava is being made by others. I don´t have anything against Outsourcing, moreover, I have lived from it for a while, and not bad. Just curiosity...

Last place and dedicated to Curiosa, I found the man of Vitruvio with some hamburger else in his body. How is this called? Stratopigia? It was in Marlen Agency, a gallery for illustrators.
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