Thursday, 22 November 2007

Actionscript Flash minigames

I rode recently some post about the ten most addictive flash games in Crave. So I decided to study about it.

First of all is that they advice you about the risk you are taking watching these links in your job. You could be fired!
The list was composed by: Bejeweled, Chimgam, Bow Man, Desktop Tower Defense, Neopets Hasee Bounce, Line Rider, The Last Stand, Portal, The Helicopter Game and YetiSports.

It´s a long time since I used to play games. What could I say? Well, there are no my preferred ones (Rastan Saga, Lemmings) but talking about colours is as talking about colours

I shall say that my ex workmate used to spend hours playing Desktop Tower. About Line Rider all of us have heart, I dunno if it was last year or the year before. Last Stand reminds me of the games of first generation of personal computers. Lastly I found Hellicopter Game as "Fly the copter" in other site.

I surfed a little more and found more attractive Flash games as Stackopolis or Weewar. You can find more in minijuegos, Kongregate or Newgrounds. If you are interested in playing as Wall Street with websites try Urladex.

By now I let you this parody of Star Wars with a very cool intro!
Haunted House Candy Hunt
Help Jek Porkins and Ponda Baba to get into the enchanted mansion. Move with cursor. Press A to start!
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