Monday, 26 November 2007

Magenta Freedom!

From ElMundo I come across T-Mobile trying to make the pattent of Magenta Colour. The response to all this if the collective website freeMagenta. Take a look!

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Actionscript Flash minigames

I rode recently some post about the ten most addictive flash games in Crave. So I decided to study about it.

First of all is that they advice you about the risk you are taking watching these links in your job. You could be fired!
The list was composed by: Bejeweled, Chimgam, Bow Man, Desktop Tower Defense, Neopets Hasee Bounce, Line Rider, The Last Stand, Portal, The Helicopter Game and YetiSports.

It´s a long time since I used to play games. What could I say? Well, there are no my preferred ones (Rastan Saga, Lemmings) but talking about colours is as talking about colours

I shall say that my ex workmate used to spend hours playing Desktop Tower. About Line Rider all of us have heart, I dunno if it was last year or the year before. Last Stand reminds me of the games of first generation of personal computers. Lastly I found Hellicopter Game as "Fly the copter" in other site.

I surfed a little more and found more attractive Flash games as Stackopolis or Weewar. You can find more in minijuegos, Kongregate or Newgrounds. If you are interested in playing as Wall Street with websites try Urladex.

By now I let you this parody of Star Wars with a very cool intro!
Haunted House Candy Hunt
Help Jek Porkins and Ponda Baba to get into the enchanted mansion. Move with cursor. Press A to start!

Monday, 12 November 2007

Using Invisible Button instead of Enable

Sometimes designers make their best programming.

Problem: In an application I had lots of buttons and forms. If the user pressed the button A, every element of the stage would be disabled cos a flying window will be shown.
The first solution I had was making a function disableStage() so as to disable every forms and buttons on the Stage. The problem was that I had many Forms in different classes (lots of lines of code).

So I designed and invisible button, gave it _alpha=0, visible=true, and useHandCursor=false, adjusted its depth and problem was solved. I put this button just in the layer down button A.

Instead of many lines of code disabling things, my button allowed me to enable or disable Stage with functions enableStage() and disableStage().

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

A bit of humour: WhoNeedsDesigners, the IT-Crowd

I assure you I have had these kind of problems, specially the ones related to colour and emotion

The campaign is very amusing although I cannot say if its is efective. Who can? I think it is focused on designers.

The IT-Crowd
These three freak men, geek I would say, they´re the best in ages! Specially if you´ve worked on an IT-Dept.

What about Google PageRank?

These days I have read a lot of post about Google Page Rank, more in the american sites.

I tend to think we have just had another GoogleDance, the period where websites pageranks are upgraded. In fact in my spanish blog I have reached PR6, and in the englis version PR5 (I had PR0).

For me is not something specially exciting cos I am not blogging for money.

But, why PR6? I have made some web surfing about it. I think there are some possible causes:
- This is a Blogger blog, indexed by Google, although I know some google blogs with PR1
- I am sindicated in MXNA
- I have agregated my url in Google, Yahoo and MSN
- I have agregated my url in Dmoz and Technorati
- the number of pages linking here.

Anyway, these is just chatting, this is only just pure mathematics, in MiPageRank you can see details about the algorithm, also in wikipedia, Google, or in the blog of MichaelMüller, where he talks about changing it for Orion.

There are many amusing sites about this, as miWebRank, where you can generate tags to show your PR

Mi WebRank

Also in PageRankTraking, where you can customize the PR Draw.


Actually if you are interested in statistics I would use besides Alexa, webSiteGrader, Nielsen and GoogleAnalitycs.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Speak Up, Trochut, Vasava, FFFFound y MarlenAgency

I dunno if this was the correct order but this tittle is just describing my trip along the internet this evening.By Speak-Up, dialog on design, I visited FFFFound, another way of finding images, and good ones! Later I reached Alex Trochut. I always had wondered who was the designer of this draws of Budweiser. Ok, he was! I took a look at his portfolio, sometimes he uses the same technick but I like.
I had some investigation on this and discovered that this work (Budweiser) was made for Vasava, the spanish Design Studio. So I went to Vasava and found the Nike Campaign which I liked very much, although I would have painted the shoes in red. I wonder how much work of Vasava is being made by others. I don´t have anything against Outsourcing, moreover, I have lived from it for a while, and not bad. Just curiosity...

Last place and dedicated to Curiosa, I found the man of Vitruvio with some hamburger else in his body. How is this called? Stratopigia? It was in Marlen Agency, a gallery for illustrators.

Saturday, 3 November 2007


I was wondering how to upload videos from YouTube and now I have realised about their bad quality comparing them with the original, check differences from embeded and Stardust

If you want a Pontiac

Mrs. Serena Williams

I think these kind of videos are the most wild things they´re doing right now, although I don´t watch many of these in Spain.