Saturday, 20 October 2007

Some Design Newsletters I read

Here I show you some Newsletters I use to have on my mail every month.

First one is Dexigner, I spend almost 30 minutes revising all info and links.

Second place for Index Book. I am sorry it´s only in Spanish ;-)

I also read TheCoolHunter, although I see it mor related to housing.
This one is TotalTraining, more related to technology and how to use it.

I also have some from Photo world, this one is from SXC.

Related to books, I have some, here you see Gustavo Gili, very nice one.

In ReleaseTheFreaks you will find lots of info connected with design and toys.

Last week I received this one from DesignCanChange to vote for PeopleDesignsAward.

I also have the ones from HowMagazine.

The WebbyAwards one.

And finally from Adobe I receive AdobeEdgeNewsletter, AdobeSystemsNewsletter and AdobeSeminarNewsletter. There are some more I think.
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