Tuesday, 27 March 2007

CS3: If you used to use Freehand, you are a looser!

I do not like this icons at all, they are awfull. What happened to Macromedia designers? Did you give the shack to them?

CS3, looks as integration process between different software: Mobile, Interactive, Web, Print, Edition, Photo, etc... What Adobe calls Production Workflow. The best of this is that this solves the old problem of the file formats.

I always tried to follow the american tendence, so no one tells me how should I design or which software should I use. Besides, I like to colour one object only with one click, so I like CorelDraw. Freehanders of the world: You chose bad! Have better luck with Illustrator!

Back on CS3. You can see the site in
Creative License

4 versions, very pretty and smart:

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection

Do you know which one you should buy? You can easily see which one do you need with the Product Selector.

If you happen to find the pdf "CS3_Design_Workflow_Guide" I will give you a prize (not a license!)

About prices you´d better talk with Adobe.
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